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How to Get Output from a File to Clipboard in PowerShell


Introduction PowerShell is a versatile tool for managing and automating tasks on Windows systems. In this guide, we'll walk you through a quick process to get the contents of a file and copy them to your clipboard using PowerShell. With just a couple of simple steps, you'll be able to do this effortlessly.

Example File To demonstrate this, we'll use a simple text file with the following content:

Hello, World!
This is a sample text file.

Step 1 - Copy File Contents to Clipboard First, let's copy the contents of your file to the clipboard. We'll use the Get-Content cmdlet along with Set-Clipboard. Here's how to do it:

Get-Content YourFile.txt | Set-Clipboard

Replace YourFile.txt with the name of your text file. This command reads the content of the file and sets it as the clipboard's contents.

Step 2 - Verify the Clipboard You can now paste the clipboard's contents into any text editor or application to see the copied text. Simply press Ctrl + V to paste the text.

Conclusion In this straightforward guide, we've shown you how to copy the contents of a file to your clipboard using PowerShell. This can be a handy trick when you want to quickly share or manipulate text data from files. With just one simple step, you'll have your file content ready to use in various applications. Feel free to adapt these steps to your specific needs and explore more of PowerShell's capabilities for efficient file and data manipulation.